About The Game
Tina's Magic Shop (TMS)  is an adult puzzle game which has the player creating potions to unlock and discover various transformations and adult CG art of Miss S and the shopkeeper, Tina.

Tina has accidentally grown a dick during her experimentation and thus has asked Miss S for some help in discovering the correct combination to a potion that can get rid of Tina's problem. Follow Miss S and Tina as they try out various combinations and potions to figure out the right one, while in the meantime discovering weird transformations and effects when testing these potions on Miss S. 

TMS tries to create a fun and casual experience within the adult-oriented subsection of gaming while delivering interesting CG art featuring Miss S in various transformations.  The project is now done and will not receive any future updates. If you'd like to support me or would like to get your hands on the raw full resolution files + concept art, it is included in the £3 pledge on patreon

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(22 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Adult, NSFW, transformation
Average sessionA few minutes


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7 Potions - Dog, orc, tentacle, slime, headless, demon and lamia

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im totally lost on how to get the middle right potion, i've been experimenting for 25 minutes and am clueless

edit: ....I feel so stupid for not thinking of it before... but I found it...

Aha it's been so long since I've made the game I've forgotten what the combinations are myself

Definitely should've added some sort of hint system

Hey, i'm just wondering but how come this game was cancelled?

Sorry for the extremely late reply, I never saw this message

A lot of stuff in life got in the way and with not a lot of support at the time, I had to stop working on the game even though there was still a lot of things I wanted to do with it


ahh thats a shame but understandable, hope things are good. who knows maybe you'll eventually get time to update it when you want to. had fun playing anyways

Will the TMS Art Pack be for sale ever again?

TMS Art pack won't be on sale anymore but it has been included as part of my patreon rewards https://www.patreon.com/polygonheart

Okay, awesome! Thanks for the quick reply!

Are there any secret potions to discover or just the ones on the list

Just the ones on the list!

Very creative!